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At Toyota, the ultimate priority is promoting and creating a safer mobile world.


Crash protection starts with crash prevention. Collisions that result in injury may be caused by the delay in a driver’s recognition of the situation and their ability to react accordingly. According to NHTSA, there were over 7.2 million reported crashes in 2016 – many of which were avoidable.

Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS)¹ is designed to protect drivers, passengers, people in other vehicles on the road, and pedestrians from harm. TSS represents a major milestone in Toyota's long history of creating advancements and innovations in safety that help prevent crashes and protect people.

TSS addresses the 3 most common accident types

               Frontal Collision                                                 Unintended Lane Departures                                           Nighttime Accidents

 p r e c o l l i s i o i n  s y s t e m  f e a t u r e  d e t a i l s op                     l a n e  t r a c i n g  a s s i s t  f e a t u r e  d e t a i l s op                      a u t o m a t i c  h i g h b e a m  f e a t u r e  d e t a i l s op


For Compact Vehicles

3 Active Safety and Driver Assistance Systems:
  1. Pre-Collision System -- also available with Pedestrian Detection
  2. Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
  3. Automatic High Beam (AHB) -- Designed to detect oncoming and preceding vehicle's lights, and automatically switches from high to low beam


For Midsize to Large Vehicles

4 Active Safety and Driver Assistance Systems:
  1. Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
  2. Lane Departure Alert (LDA) -- also available with Steering Assist
  3. Automatic High Beam (AHB)
  4. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)  -- Automatically maintains a preset speed and distance from the vehicle directly in front to prevent collision 




  • Pre-Collision System (PCS)

with Daytime/Low-Light Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection, plus Daytime Bicycle Detection

  • Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

  • Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection

  • Automatic High Beams (AHB)

  • Road Sign Assist (RSA)

  • Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)⁷

How Do Each of the Toyota Safety Sense™ Features Work? -- Kool Toyota


TSS 2.5 and 2.5+ build on the previous TSS 2.0 suite by enhancing the functionalities of its six features, further utilizing a high-resolution camera and millimeter-wave radar to help keep occupants safe.


AHB is a safety system designed to help the driver see more clearly at night, while also reducing glare for other drivers. When activated, AHB is designed to help detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of preceding vehicles, then automatically toggle between high and low beams as needed.


LTA operates automatically when both Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control6 and Lane Departure Alert3 are active. It is designed to help keep the vehicle centered in its visibly marked lane and preemptively avoid unintended lane departures while cruising. LTA monitors lane markings, as well as the path of the vehicle ahead, if needed and is designed to automatically make constant steering inputs to help keep the vehicle centered in its lane.


DRCC is designed to help detect slower preceding vehicles and automatically adjust the vehicle's speed to help maintain a preset distance behind the vehicle ahead. Select vehicles have Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which is designed to enable low-speed following and stopping, in addition to DRCC's speed matching, acceleration and deceleration. For TSS 2.5+, DRCC benefits from curve speed management4, which uses the vehicle's camera and yaw sensors to sense curves and reduce speed as the vehicle enters the turn, and then return to the set speed upon exiting the curve.


RSA is designed to read certain traffic signs and display them on the vehicle's Multi-Information Display (MID). This helps provide the driver with additional awareness of posted road signs. The system can recognize speed limit, stop, yield, and do not enter signs. This provides the driver with additional awareness of posted road signs. In some cases, the system may also provide alerts, like if the speed exceeds the posted limit, or if a stop sign is ignored.

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